Modular Gold Process Unit 50 C

• Start small - Grow fast
• Modular for cost effective transport, installation and relocation
• Available from 30 tpd up to 300 tpd capacity
• Gold recovery of up to 95%
• 6-9 months commissioning
• Investment paid in less than a year
• Training
• Fast deployment
• Field and engineering support
• After sales and parts support
• Investment inferior to $1.5 M for 50 tons per day

Products and services when buying a MGPU 50 C

Summary of the description of the MGPU 50 C (cyanidation)
Mexico Mine Supply exclusively distributes in Mexico an integrated concept of modular gold process unit, named MGPU. These ironworks are specifically designed for the small and medium sized mining companies. It´s technology is based on knowledge of the metallurgy of ore.

Technical benefits of the MGPU:
• Performance of the ore treatment
• Robustness of the structure and components
• Modularity of main units
• Simplicity of assembly and disassembly
• Facility of transportation

Main characteristics:
• Designed for the small and medium sized mining companies that need to process 50 metric tonnes of ore per day
• Allows a constant control and sequence analysis of various data to maximize the recovery of the gold contained in ore
• Optimize the treatment of the ore by the direct cyanidation process
• Retrieve gold with the use of carbon in pulp and electrolytic cells

Instalation and Training:
All components are manufactured in our factory as per the development of the flow sheet and mass balance. These components are pre-assembled, inspected and tested before delivery. Some equipment could be machined on site, such as leaching tanks.

Installation of the MGPU at the mines site will be under the direct supervision of an engineer and technicians of Mexico Mine Supply who will lead the installation staff. Also, our staff will start-up and break-in the MGPU with the help of the operators provided by the purchasing company. The commisioning of the MGPU will be achieved when the unit is in full operation.

Operational staff will be trained under our supervision during the start-up and running of the MGPU.

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Revolutionary new wear product!

Minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

Magna-Skin™ Magnetic wear liners

Features and benefits:
Fastens with magnetic force- no welding, bolting or adhesives required.
Easily and quickly repositionable.
50% less change-out time compared to bolt-on liners.
Standard 12"x12" size, in thicknesses of 1" (sidewalls and other areas with less abrasion or impact) and 2" (heavy wear areas).
Can be cut with a tile saw to fit odd dimensions and a wide range of surface areas.
Custom sizes and corner section liners available.
Additional options / styles:
• Internal use liners - for small areas enduring severe ongoing wear.
• With ceramic wear.
• Specialty applications.

Molded from high wearing rubber or urethane Magna-skin™ wear paths and liners install without welding, bolting or adhesives, fastening with magnetic force alone. They install quickly and easily to chutes, bins, hoppers or any ferrous metal impact areas to keep production running at your mine site.

Solid rubber construction effectively seals off the equipment surface and prevent material buildup. Repositioning and replacement of the Magna-skin™ magnetic liners is fast and simple when some have worn more than others, stretching the life of the overall linning and reducing downtime. Change out the worn liners or swap for others in the same chute that are seeing less wear.

Tremendous holding strength increases with each liner installed.
Extreme wear polymer for impact and abrasion resistance.
Easy to install in hard to reach processing areas.
Protect chute surfaces, bins, troughs, hoppers, side walls, tank bottoms and more.

Magna-Patch™ Magnetic patchs

A fast temporary patching solution for leaks and holes in steel pipes and other processing equipment until a permanent repair can be made.
Reusable - Comes with replaceable wear pads for repeated use.
Tension screw pushes the disposable wear pad tight against the leak - all in seconds.
Quick solution for spill containment.
Patented technology.

Available styles:

MP-611(mini) For use on smaller diameter piping and radii surfaces, or hard to reach areas.

MP-711 For use on larger steel surfaces such as bins and hoppers, chute bottoms and troughs or similar.

MP-811 For use on larger diameters piping and radii surfaces, or tough holes in corner or odd shaped steel parts or equipment.

Magna-patch™ products provide a quick seal until the leak source can be cut off and permanently repaired, reducing clean up costs.

Magna-Plate™ Shock absorbing magnetic wear plate

Patented powerful, shock absorbing magnetic wear plate fastening and retaining system.
Suited for abrasive and heavy impact material conveying.
Delivers impact absorption and noise reduction.
Offers quick, clean and safe change outs.
Eliminate fire hazards and time consuming cut out, welding, grinding and gouging associated with typical wear plate replacement.

Quick removal and secure installation of wear plate.
No welding or boiting to change out.
Ability to use with any ferrous metal wear plate.
Simple tools required for wear plate change out.
Keeps wear plate in place while the polymer absobs the impact, allowing production to continue.

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Used Processing Plants & Equipment.

Mexico Mine Supply specializes in the source and supply of used mineral processing equipment to drastically reduce both capital expenditure and lead-time on essential machinery. We offer a large range of material handling, crushing, grinding, separating and concentrating equipment as well as complete process plants.

Mexico Mine Supply source only quality, operational machinery from Canadian and American mining projects who either no longer require the equipment or whose ore bodies have been diminished. Our used equipment can be sold ‘as is’ but is generally fully reconditioned by our Canadian affiliates and resold under warranty against manufacturers faults.

About our affiliate KN Equipment Inc.

KN Equipment Inc. is Canada’s most trusted mining provider with over 70 years experience in the design, manufacture and supply of new and used mining equipment.

Through experience, KN Equipment Inc. understands that things change rapidly and continuously for a mine and its mill during the course of operations. This is why, to increase its profitability, a mine operation has to have ready access to all kinds of products and equipment that are ideally suited to its current needs.

Whether for extrusion, handling or processing, KN Equipment Inc. can offer complete solutions with new or used products whether they are manufactured, purchased, exchanged or adapted to measure.

K.N. Equipment Inc. A family that has worked in the mining industry for over 70 years.
A thorough understanding of the mining industry.
Hundreds of projects completed successfully.
Operations across Canada and around the world: Mali, Peru, Mexico, Suriname, Burkina Faso and more.
The most modern facilities.
A reaction time among the fastest in the industry.
A global network of contacts.
Reconditioned equipment with the same warranty as new.
Ability to complete very large projects.

Mexico Mine Supply is the proud Mexican subsidiary of KN Equipment Inc.