Responsibility of the purchaser:

The delivery of equipment will be to the mine site, with charges to the customer, from fabrication site to mining site.
Exploitation of ore, mining and transportation to the silo entrance.
Water supply system
Water supply from the water source to the holding tank at the entrance of the MGPU.
Mine tailing site
Installation and piping for the transport of the residues from the MGPU to the mine tailings site.
Slab of concrete, earthwork and access required for the instalation of the equipment, the masses for absortion of vibrations and shelter for the machinery.
The required reagents such as cyanide, lime, grinder balls as well as acids.
Oils and lubricants
Oils and lubricants required for the good operation of the MGPU.
Materials handling equipment
Material handling equipment required for the instalation of the MGPU; a crane with suficient lifting capacity, for example.
Electrical supply
Generator or power supply from the public network distribution, according to the need, with the necessary capacity to provide for the operation of the MGPU.
Crushing system
Crusher to supply the SAG with a grain size from 0 to 25 mm.

List of equipment provided with MGPU 50 C:
Crusher / SAG
Thickener / CIP
Elution / Electrolyte / Refining
Process tank 10 m3
10 tonne feed hopper
Thickener with pump
Elution system of carbon in pulp and electrolytic cell
Process water pump
Crusher infeed conveyor
Distribution tank for flocculant
Refinery oven with gas supply
Pump for solution
Crusher drop inlet spillway
Leaching tank (in function of the time needed for leaching)
Air compressor
Ball mill type SAG (hybrid)
Agitator for leaching tank
Electrical control
Compressed air receiver
Crusher discharge pumps chamber
5 tanks for contact of carbon in pulp (CIP)
Control valves for the solution at the entrance of the crusher
Reservoir and pump for distribution of lime
Agitator for tanks of contact (CIP)
Control valves for the solution to the tanks
Cyanide tank and pump for distribution of cyanide
Sewage pump
Plans and Instrumentation
Panels for electrical distribution
Tailings screen
Plans for the slab foundation as well as the technical specifications of trating ore, including power and water supplies
Wiring and connection to the generator
Filter drum for residues (optional)
Laboratory instruments for the analysis of density, PH meter, and determination of cyanide
Work platform

Technical specifications and capacity of the MGPU 50 C:

Capacity of the MGPU
50 tonnes / day
Entry silo
10 tones of ore
Granulometry at entry
Feed < 25 mm
Cyanide tanks
Depending on lab test results
Granulometry at output point of crusher
As defined by mineral processing tests
Process pumps type
Water and electrical requirements
0.5 m3 of water / tonne of mineral (70% of water is recirculated)
300 KW
Carbon in pulp (CIP)