The GPM-Eliminator is the world's toughest, most reliable slurry pump.

Built to handle the most abusive applications from dirty water to 70% solids up to 4" in diameter, Eliminator pumps are engineered to provide years of trouble-free service.

Eliminator Series Range of Pumps can meet your every need:

Horizontal Eliminator Slurry Pumps with a double mechanical seal for reduced maintenance and downtime.

Explosion Proof Eliminator Pumps with thicker high chrome housing and UL rated explosion proof motor.

Submersible Eliminator Slurry Pumps protected from top to bottom in run dry conditions.

Hydraulic Eliminator Pumps a lightweight alternative when taking your pump away from an electrical source.

Stainless Eliminator Pumps 316 stainless steel takes anti-corrosion to a new level.

Extended Shaft Eliminator Pumps up to a distance of 20 feet without a suction pipe.

All GPM-Eliminator pumps offer:

Sized to Fit - GPM-Eliminators range in size from 5HP up to 500HP with discharges from 2" to 8" up to a maximum of 8,000 US GPM Flow Capacity.

Materials that Last - GPM-Eliminators use 28% high-chrome materials with 650+ Brinnel hardness in the wet end castings for extended wear and durability.

Engineered Mechanical Seals - The GPM-Eliminator double mechanical seals prevent worn shaft sleeves and bearing contamination from flushing.

Class H Winding Insulation - If run-dry conditions occur, the Class H winding insulation in GPM's submersible motors are less likely to fail.

Uniform Wear Patterns - Balanced design of Wear Plate, Impellor and Casing so wear patterns are uniform.

Energy Saving Variable Speed Drive Motor - Adjustable motor speeds to maximize pump efficiency and minimize energy costs.

Oversized Pump Shafts - Reduce bearing failures, bent shafts and mechanical seal damage.

Options Available -
All stainless steel construction in selected models.
Specialized shaft alloys.
Shaft agitator for thick slurries.
Extended cable lengths.
15HP UL explosion proof motor.

Introduced in 1988, The Eliminator was originally designed to pump “Taconite Pellets” on the Minnesota Iron Range. When you compare these “tough-as-nails” pellets to regular drill cuttings and mud slimes, you start to understand why the Eliminator service life is so long.

Today, you’ll find the Eliminator in virtually every industry requiring solids pumping. In particular, for mining, the Eliminator pump is designed to pump everything from dirty water to aggressive solids.

The Eliminator is not intended to replace “clean water” pumps. As a rule of thumb, if a pump stays in a sump for 1+ years, the Eliminator is overkill for the application. If you are changing pumps 1 or more times a year, the Eliminator will reduce your costs, in most cases the savings are dramatic.

Mexico Mine Supply are the exclusive distributor of GPM Eliminator Slurry Pumps in Mexico.