GA Vertical Sump Pump

Heavy-duty slurry pump designed for heavy duty continuous and intermittent duty, the Vertical Sump Pump is recognized throughout industry for high reliability and very low start-up and maintenance costs. The unique long shaft design characteristic of the GA has been refined and improved since its initial introduction over fifty years ago.

At Mexico Mine Supply we offer 100% compatible-interchangeable replicas with GA vertical slurry sump pumps, directly from the manufacturer.

Key Features / Benefits
• Cantilever shaft design for lengths up to 84"
• Semi-open double suction impeller design extends life and improves performance.
• Handles foam, occluded air, or runs dry.
• Rubber or metal alloy construction for great flexibility and range of applications.
• Compact design, requires minimum size sump.
• Motor shaft up, down or coupler are available options on most sizes.
• Does not require priming.
• Impeller with large passages and screen in the suction reduce the risk of blockages in the pump.

• Sludge transport.
• Typical Process, Sump Pumping Application.

Complete selection of metals and elastomers for various working conditions, resistant to abrasion, corrosion, erosion, including large particles and impact.

The GA vertical slurry sump pump features a special design that minimizes downtime and maintenance including:

• Extra robust construction
• Long service life
• Ease of maintenance

GA Horizontal Pump

The GA horizontal pump was designed more than 60 years ago. The design of this pump basically consists of the use of a semi-open impeller with expulsion veins on the packing side plate. Said plate has a diameter greater than the effective diameter of the suction blades and this generates a natural seal, which allows the pump to operate without water injection or the need for a dynamic expeller seal or a complicated mechanical seal. This clever detail makes the GA horizontal slurry pump an extremely simple, efficient and highly reliable pump.

At Mexico Mine Supply we offer 100% compatible-interchangeable equivalents with GA horizontal centrifugal slurry pumps, directly from the manufacturer.

GA horizontal pumps are limited to low pressure and/or full dynamic head pumping operations, but are an excellent choice for light duty in-process operations due to their great simplicity in design and maintenance.


Design with interchangeable polymer liners:

Natural rubber, Neoprene, Nitrile, Butyl.

Design with metallic wear protections:

High Chrome Iron, 316 Stainless Steel, CD4MCU.

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