Pump Replacement Parts for Sala, Denver SRL, Galigher and Weir Pumps.

Mexico Mine Supply can supply all of your pump replacement parts at lower cost and with faster turnaround time than the manufacturer direct.

Quality American, Mexican and Canadian suppliers manufacture our aftermarket parts to exact engineering specifications and in most cases the parts are ready to ship - today.

Dimensionally interchangeable parts for:
Allis Chalmers SRL ®
Denver SRL ®
Galigher VSP 1000 - Galigher VSP 5000 ®
Galigher VacSeal ®
Weir líneas AH, HH ®
Metso / Orion Series HR ®

Please ask Mexico Mine Supply to quote on your next pump part replacement order.
México Mine Supply can solve your pumping problems.

Costly maintenance and unplanned downtime directly affect bottom line profits. Mexico Mine Supply are your pumping experts and we wish to share our expertise with you.

Vast experience has shown us that in many cases the pump is not the problem and there may be a simple, cost effective solution. Of course if your pump is not up to the task and needs to be replaced then we can fit the perfect pump and piping system to meet your specific needs.

Mexico Mine Supply invite you to contact us for any pumping problem, no job is too big or too small.

Slurry Pumps & Parts

Mexico Mine Supply suministra bombas nuevas completas y piezas de repuesto (incluyendo ensamblajes) que son equivalentes, compatibles, intercambiables al 100% con una amplia gama de bombas de los competidores.

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