Chinook axial fans. Manufactured specifically for the mining industry. High performance flexible ventilation ducts.

Mexico Mine Supply is proud to introduce its new range of CHINOOK axial fans, made in Canada and designed for tunnels and underground mines.

Chinook is a range of engineered ventilation products developped specifically for the mining industry. The concept acquired is a patented fastening system for efficient and affordable production, maintenance and adjustment of fans.

• 2,000 to 175,000 CFM.
• 0.5" to 15" total pressure (inches of water gauge).
• 5HP to 350HP motors.
• One piece molded aluminium core.

• Independent adjustment of each blade for increased precision and speed.
• Adjustment of blades inside the fan (side access panel) - Can be carried-out with the fan still in place.
• High performance aerodynamic design.
• Easy motor replacement, no machining needed. - Fast an easy on-site motor replacement possible.

Competitive edge
• Best sound absorption (6" sound absorption material).
• Best performance and durability in humid environments.


Motor fastening system: Chinook uses a unique motor fastening system which makes motor replacement an easy and fast operation. You can now use any motor in your possession without modification.

Rotor: patented design to optimize repair and adjustment of the fan. Blades can be independently, precisely and easily adjusted without taking the propeller apart. Many will see an advantage in being able to adjust blades without removing the fan from its position.

Silencers: Our silencers are the results of ongoing R&D efforts to reduce noise. We are proud of our noise absorption achievements tha remain unparalleled in the industry. We work actively with our clients and partners to improve our products.

Accessories: We can provide different fan accessories or manufacture tailor-made solutions to improve your operations: Inlet bells, Reducer, Adaptors, Skid, Ducts (rigid or flexible), Grills, Etc.

Our corporate mission is to bring the best mining technologies and products in the world to Mexico, and then support these products with a complete, professional and bilingual local service throughout the life of the product.

We offer:
Expert advice on industrial and mining ventilation issues.
On-site analysis.
Scheduled preventive maintenance.
Corrective solutions.

Mexico Mine Supply are the exclusive distributor of Chinook Ventilation Systems in Mexico.