We offer direct replacement 100% compatible-interchangeable with Denver SRL © horizontal centrifugal slurry pumps, directly from the manufacturer. This rugged and super reliable design originated from Allis Chalmers © who made some of the best mud pumps ever introduced to the mining industry and the pump was also marketed as Denver SRL.

The 2 pumps are very similar, they share a lot of their components but NOT all of them. Today, Mexico Mine Supply manufactures an exact substitute for Denver SRL slurry pumps.

Key Features / Benefits
• Heavy-duty horizontal pumps with replaceable metal or rubber wear liners.
• Resistant construction, for rough and continuous use.
• Impellers and Wear Liners available in a very wide range of materials.
• Interchangeable rubber parts between Allis Chalmers SRL and Denver SRL.
• 3-wear wet-end design makes maintenance much easier and reduces the number of parts needed to keep in stock.

• Transportation of abrasive or corrosive sludge in and out of the mill.

Complete selection of metals and elastomers
Abrasion resistant
Corrosion resistant
Wear parts available in a variety of materials: natural rubber, neoprene, hypalon, urethane, polyurethane, high chrome white iron, stainless steel, CD4MCu.


Special and unique design developed on the basis of the Denver SRL and Allis Chalmers SRL pumps, a modern version better adapted to the flow and head requirements of pumping applications in the mill, in the processing plant.

We offer the full range of materials for wear parts; anti-corrosive, resistant to abrasion, erosion and impact.

Mexico Mine Supply supplies complete new pumps and replacement parts (including assemblies) that are 100% equivalent, compatible, interchangeable with a wide range of competitor's pumps.

Any use of competitors' names, trademarks, model numbers or part numbers are for reference only. Please refer to our legal disclaimer notice on the website for full details.